The Tech Industry – The Big Five, the Little Guys, and the Startups


The technology industry is all about creation, innovation, and growth. Some companies dominate this sector, while others are less visible. The US has five major tech companies, known as the Big Five: Alphabet (Google), Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. These firms are the biggest players in their respective fields, but there are literally hundreds of thousands of other companies that compete directly with Google and Microsoft. These startups are making big waves in their niches. Listed below are a few of the most influential companies in the tech industry.

Technology isn’t just a product

A recent poll showed that Americans define technology in three different ways: as the processes of creating products, the engineering design of those products, and the systems within which they are used. One in five Americans defines design as the process of developing a product or system, and the other 59 percent define it as the creation of drawings or blueprints. The first definition reflects the role that design plays in the creation and development of technology.

It’s a field of work

Everyone wants a job in tech these days. Jobs in tech can vary from role-based to company-based and are renowned for offering serious salaries. With so many jobs in the tech field, job-switchers are flocking to the industry to take advantage of the booming economy. If you have a computer-coding background, you don’t need a STEM degree for entry-level tech positions.

It’s an industry

The tech industry encompasses a wide variety of products and services, with a focus on growth, innovation and creation. The Big Five dominate the industry, with companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. However, there are hundreds of thousands of other companies that compete directly with them, and are making waves in their particular areas of expertise. This article will look at a few of the key aspects of the industry. It will also cover the key factors to consider when investing in tech.

It’s a field of study

Technical studies is an umbrella term that encompasses many hands-on fields of study. These fields include information technology, computer science, accounting, and business law. In general, technical courses are more vocational, career-oriented, and practical. They also tend to be more rewarding. Students pursuing a degree in this field often end up having a wide range of options to choose from. Here are some common career paths in the tech field.

It’s a career

Everyone wants to get a job in the tech industry. From remote jobs to product development, there’s a career for you in this growing field. And you can earn some serious cash as well. With so many opportunities on the rise, it’s no wonder that tech jobs are gaining popularity. In addition to paying serious salaries, tech jobs are also high-demand, which means that job-switchers are flocking to the industry to take advantage of the boom.