A Guide To Setting Up A Successful Clothing Business

The internet is saturated with new businesses, all with the common goal of wanting to become a success. Start-up businesses are difficult to get right, especially in an industry as dominant as fashion. If you’re wanting to start a clothing business and make it a success, there are a few important things that you need to consider. Without a detailed plan, an ethical supply chain, a unique brand and a consistent social media presence, you will find it difficult to succeed! 

Create a Detailed Plan

Your first step will be to create a detailed plan. Your initial plan should discuss in detail what your product or business is, why you think it is in high demand, who your target audience will be and how you will market it. It should also contain realistic financial goals for the next five years, taking into account all of your startup costs as well as your outgoings from insurance and bills to staff costs and packaging. Before investing any money, you need to invest a significant amount of time to figure out if your business is really going to work. Be honest with yourself, as now is the best time to identify any potential issues in order to rethink your ideas. 

Have an Ethical Supply Chain

When planning how your business is going to function, something that will help your business to be a success is to have an ethical supply chain. Not only is this vital when it comes to looking after everyone involved in your business, making the team more productive and much happier, but it is also important to customers. 

So many people prioritise ethics when it comes to buying clothes, as people’s awareness of the issues surrounding fast fashion are increasing. With an ethical supply chain, your clothing will be a much better quality, thus drawing in more customers. Although it might cost more to invest initially, highlighting that your business is ethical in your marketing campaigns will help your profits to soar. 

Make Your Brand Unique

Offering a unique product that your customers can’t access anywhere else is a great way to make your business a success. Unless you have a well-known brand, releasing t-shirts that are completely plain with a small logo won’t interest people. It would be best to focus on something like mens graphic t-shirts, working with independent artists to create exciting and diverse prints for your t-shirts. This will create clothing that is a talking point, rather than just replicating something you like that you’ve seen elsewhere. Whatever your focus is, it is essential to offer something to your target audience that they won’t be able to access anywhere else. 

Be Consistent on Social Media

Once you have an ethical supply chain and a completely unique idea, it is time to show it off on social media. This is the best place to start when it comes to marketing, as you don’t need to spend anything at all to begin with. Perhaps start by sending your clothing out to some relevant influencers who might share it on their social media, which will bring traffic to your page and hopefully website. From there, you can start to offer competitions, give discounts to loyal followers, engage with customers and generally build up your brand. 

If you want to, you can then start to pay for advertisements through social media channels in order to carefully target your desired audience. Your options really are endless when it comes to social media, so it is the best place to start. The most important thing to remember here is to highlight some of the things you have worked hard on, such as your unique branding and ethical industry practices. 


Setting up your own business requires substantial investments in terms of time and money, so you must be prepared for that. However, having your own business can also come with fantastic benefits, so just take some time to plan properly and make your business as appealing as possible and it has every chance of being a success. Lastly, be flexible and prepare to adapt to industry changes to maintain success over a long period! 

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According to a study, UK broadband networks are among the slowest in Europe

Great Britain has fallen in the broadband world rankings and is one of the slowest countries in Europe. It took an average household more than twice as long to download a film than the average Western European household.

The UK has lost 13 places in the annual poll, with the average broadband speed of 221 countries and territories ranked 47th in the world. Last year, the UK was ranked 34th for average broadband speed.

The report, based on testing broadband speeds of up to 577 meters worldwide, rated the UK’s average broadband speed as the eighth slowest in Western Europe. Consumers in 21 countries, including large economies such as Spain, Germany and France, are generating sales faster.

For consumers, this means that digital tasks such as downloading a film to watch will take significantly longer, with average broadband speeds in the UK less than half the average for Western Europe. Downloading a 5GB movie takes an average of 18 minutes in the UK, 12 minutes in Spain, eight minutes in Sweden and six minutes in Switzerland.

Britain’s history as a global inaction in adopting the next generation of broadband networks delivering Internet speeds to homes and businesses of the future in the country has proven costly. According to Ofcom, more than 10% of UK households have access to it, compared to more than 80% in many developed countries.

“The UK is delaying the rollout of a cleaner fiber network which is causing stagnation while other countries are starting to develop,” said Dan Howdell, consumer telecommunications analyst at Cable.co.uk, which publishes the annual report.

Many of the countries that the UK crossed this year were small, such as Malta, Puerto Rico and Romania, which could use the faster network.

“Obviously, the smaller it is, the easier it is to move a country or region to full fiber,” said Howdell. “However, the UK still lags way behind many countries of the same size or larger.”

When he was elected Prime Minister, one of Boris Johnson’s first priorities was dealing with Britain’s sluggish status. He wants the full UK gigabit network, a combination of fiber optic and other blazing fast technologies that will be deployed on Virgin Media’s cable and broadband networks by 2025 and has pledged £ 5 billion to support the service. Reaching the most remote parts of the UK.

Boris Johnson is calling for the UK’s gigabit network to be built by 2025

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