Naughty or fun?

Santa Claus needs to know which kids are good and which are bad this year, but he may need a boost when it comes to financial services. In the spirit of the season, PA is helping the man in the red suit (and hopefully a matching mask) and making a list of people in the industry who we think make a good list – and those who might not. very happy …

Will the socks be full of hand sanitizer for those who are well behaved? Or a fine sock for those who didn’t play by the rules this year? (To be fair, there are so many rules and so many changes to the rules this year that it’s hard to say you followed them all, right?)

As a minor disclaimer of this article, it should be noted that this list is opinion based and certainly not exhaustive. It’s just festive fun, PA (socks) filler mix if you will.

This is unavoidable and while it may not be possible for it to be completely unfulfilled, it is unlikely that the demands will stop. Though things are getting a little silly now.

In the last month alone, FSCS applied for an additional £ 92 million for the current financial year. The system says the additional taxes are due to increased support payments to clients and requests for pension advice as more companies go bankrupt.

Around £ 8 million will come from the Real Estate and Investments brokerage class, which also includes financial advisors.

Liz Field, PIMFA’s executive director, said the recent FSCS hike “further underscores the urgent need to control these costs.”

For now, however, the advisers can’t forget it, they can’t get under it – they just have to get through it.

Fraudster with retirement

As if the entire global pandemic, ever-rising death toll, and a crippling economy weren’t bad enough, retirement fraudsters think they’ll take advantage of the situation to steal more money from desperate people this year.

Let’s put that in context: since July this year, more than £ 30 million have been lost to pension fraudsters due to complaints with fraudulent acts since 2017, according to the Financial Conduct Authority and the Pensions Commissioner.

In October, Action Fraud announced that between March 24 and September 25 this year it received a total of 166 reports of pension fraud – also known as the “Peak” hold. XPS also reported that its pension fraud alert index has hit a record “red flag” for suspected remittances.

Hopefully the government’s steps regulated in the Pension Bill can help stop the tide. This and initiatives from regulators and fraud with steps that are at the forefront of the fight.

Nigel (and his girlfriend)

Lastly, a special mention on the rogue list refers to “Nigel”, who tends to forget in conversations with his own advisors on WhatsApp.

As PA reported in early November, an IFA woman was shocked after receiving a WhatsApp message from a customer (Nigel) and her boyfriend (possibly) in the early hours of the morning.

The board member, who chose not to be named, said he first received a message from his client in the early hours of 12:45 a.m. Sunday and asked, “Who is that?” Oh, baby, nig.

About ten minutes later, nearly 1 a.m., the counselor receives a message from an unknown number believed to be a friend of the client and asks, “Can you tell me how you got to know Nigel?”

It wasn’t until the next morning that the counselor read these messages and replied to both. He said he had been advising Nigel over the past week by assisting him with the ISA junior investigation. The friend replied, “Sorry, no problem,” but Nigel seemed to ignore the message.

How rude he is. Here here.

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How to cut energy bills at home for Christmas

From switching to LED Christmas lights to turning off radiators in an unused room, Michael Foot at Quote Goat offers some of the best tips on saving energy for the holiday season

According to government approval, the “three household bubble” could last five days over Christmas and many people were prepared to receive family and friends.
In some cases, they do this for the first time during the year – which comes with charges for gas and electricity.
While it’s easy to absorb the joys of getting together to safely celebrate the holiday season together, keeping track of your energy bills for Christmas could save you important money that you could invest elsewhere in 2021.
Here are three tips on how to keep your account manageable this Christmas without sacrificing fun and celebration.
Prices of Christmas lights

As a hallmark of lively entertainment, Christmas lights are often the first sign that we are ready to celebrate.
As many households choose to have it turned on in late November or early December this can result in about a month of extra energy use.
If you take the time to search for and find lighting that’s more energy efficient, you can still show off your holiday excitement while lowering your bill.
LED bulbs can be at least 75% more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, saving you tons of money without losing how long you leave them on.
If you want something more manageable, consider investing in smart lighting for your Christmas decorations.
Choosing Christmas lights that turn on and off automatically at certain times will reduce the extra cost of forgetting to turn off the lights.
Understand your warm up

As you spend more time at home throughout the year, many households see their energy bills go up considerably.
However, the fee will only increase when time runs out and family and friends can party between 23 and 27 December.
For your heating system, there are a few quick and easy steps you can take to learn how your home works and reduce your consumption.
For example, if you know how long it will take your house to cool down, you may be able to turn off the heater sooner than you think.
Knowing how fast your house is heating up, you may be able to use less radiators if there are enough in the next room.
Learning how your home uses heat can greatly reduce the cost of your bills over time.
If you’re expecting more people, you can prepare hot water bottles to give them an instant warm boost without turning on the heater.
Or, you can tactically choose which radiator works best when everyone’s partying together.
Consider switching

Many would not think about how changing energy providers could drastically reduce costs.
Once you’ve made sure that you don’t charge a check-out fee before your contract expires, or it costs less than you might have saved, you can take advantage of the comparison website to see how much the new provider can give you. Save.
Once you’ve decided to switch, you will need to take some time to determine how much you will need for the month on average compared to what you are paying with your current provider.
You will often find many vendors offering new customer deals that can save you a lot of what you would have saved by switching anyway.
Once you’ve found a cheaper deal, calculate how much you will save and check how much it will cost to leave your current contract. It’s a good idea to let your vendor know you want to go and see what you might be tempted to do.
This often happens when they make a better deal to keep you as a customer.
Change habits

For many people, Christmas is not only a happy time, it can be financially terrifying too. Therefore, it is always a good idea to estimate your expenses before the holiday season starts.
Changing your current habits and adjusting your expenses is a quick and easy way to celebrate normally while saving money towards 2021.

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