Shop Smarter When You Shop Online

Ecommerce and online shopping have become inevitable in today’s world. Especially with the global pandemic situation, online shopping is a lot more convenient, safer and smarter. Here are a few tips that will help you be thrifty and save some money while shopping online:

  1. Sign in and use the ‘cart’

Whenever you create an account on an e-commerce platform, you have the option of adding items to your ‘cart.’ But when you do so, do not rush into purchasing the item immediately after adding it to your cart. Instead, wait for some time. There are chances that the price of your product might change and fall. If the item is in your cart, you will get notified about the price change. 

  1. Hunt for promo codes

A lot of websites conduct affiliate promo programs for their products. Before purchasing any product from a particular website, try to look for promo codes for that website. There are also many coupon code-related websites like,, which will showcase the latest deals on any eCommerce platform. Make sure you check these before confirming your product purchase. 

  1. Search ‘As Is’ for returned items

Warehouse deals on (and many other websites) give users the option of purchasing previously returned items at a deep discount, sometimes even 50%-60%. You can check why the item has been discounted – like a missing button, a loose stitch, or sometimes just an opened box. If you think you can fix these, then it will give you a fantastic bargain price.

  1. Use a personal line of credit for big purchases 

When you wish to purchase home appliances like TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., the cost is steep. You can choose to opt for a personal line of credit in place or personal loans with a quick credit approval system instead of using up your savings for these expenses. 

  1. Sign up for loyalty clubs and redeem for discounts 

Apart from tracking your history, your customer account on any e-commerce store can also help you get discounts through a loyalty program. If you use the same account to make purchases each time, you will accumulate those loyalty points in a single account and use them in the future for bigger discounts.

  1. Outsmart the dynamic pricing model

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy used by eCommerce retailers to offer custom pricing to customers depending on their ability and willingness to spend. You may have seen that an airfare price that you check on one day rises significantly when you check it the very next day. Because the e-commerce supplier’s website tracks your site searches and as and when you show higher interest, the rates also become higher.

Here are some ways you can outsmart this model:

  • Clear your browsing history
  • Clear all your cookies
  • Log out of all the social media accounts that you are using on that device 
  • Use incognito mode while browsing to ensure that the eCommerce website is not tracking you
  1. The off-season is a smart decision

Whenever a particular product is in the off-season, you should buy that product if you feel you will need it when the season arrives. This is because it is usually sold at discounted prices during that period. For example, you are purchasing an umbrella during the winter season. 

  1. Skip shipping costs like a pro

You can avoid shipping costs on your product by:

  • Looking at the retailer’s shipping policy and searching for an option of the minimum purchase value for free shipping
  • You choose to pick-up at the store before checking out from the online store if that eliminates your shipping cost.
  1. Compare prices of different retailers

Sometimes, certain eCommerce retailers have lower prices for the same product as compared to others. Be sure to check and compare them all and get the best deal for your product.

  1. 10.Use the different account for 1st order advantage 

A lot of websites and eCommerce retailers often have introductory discounts for their new customers. You can create a new account to make the best use of this benefit. 

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