Make a Career in Tech


Are you interested in a career in tech? Want to know how much you could earn? Here are some tips:

Careers in tech

If you’ve always wanted to make a career in tech, you’re not alone. There are many specialties within the tech industry, including artificial intelligence, data management, software development, and app development. Flexibility is one of the biggest draws for many tech workers. A recent Gartner survey ranked flexibility as the top productivity factor for tech workers. There are countless other reasons to make a career in tech. Here are a few:

Computer Hardware Engineer: A computer hardware engineer designs the physical circuitry behind computers. While software may have taken over the industry, companies need hardware engineers to keep their systems running smoothly. This type of job is relatively high paying and offers a hands-on approach to the field. Computer hardware engineers typically hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, although some online courses teach about this type of job. Digital Marketing Manager: This role develops strategies and budgets to promote a company’s products through digital marketing.

Skills needed

What are the skills needed for tech careers? While many skills are universal and interchangeable, certain skills are more specific to a particular profession, and may even be more important than others. Generally speaking, tech skills fall under the hard skills category, and are generally acquired in a formal classroom setting or through other training. Unlike soft skills, tech skills are highly measurable and will determine the individual’s proficiency in a particular field. They are especially useful in math, science, and mechanical industries.

While technical skills are essential for many tech careers, soft skills are equally important for any position. The right personality traits, such as empathy, can help you excel in many different roles within the tech industry. Some of the most sought-after soft skills include communication, time management, networking, critical thinking, and self-awareness. If you can develop these skills, you’ll be better suited for many tech jobs. Online classes and practice scenarios can be a great way to cultivate them.


The average tech worker salary varies by state. In Washington, tech workers earn an average salary of $122,640 per year. In Wyoming, however, the average tech worker salary is $67,000. The vast differences in cost of living make it difficult to pinpoint the best tech job. Here are some of the best tech jobs in each state:

A tech worker’s salary can vary dramatically depending on the city they live in. In the Silicon Valley, salary is often three times as high as that of workers in other professions. In San Francisco, for example, a tech worker may make nearly two hundred and fifty percent more than the national average. But if you’re looking for a better career option in another state, consider moving to one of the other dozens of tech hubs in the U.S.