Best personal finance software of 2021

Free and paid personal finance budgeting software

The best personal finance software facilitates and manages financial planning.


Personal financial management should not involve slips and spreadsheets. You can simplify the whole process by using easy-to-use software. Software records are usually easy to store and back up to your hard drive or cloud storage service, making it hard to lose progress.

Basic financial planning software provides only a simple portal for managing your finances. However, some of the more advanced ones can help reduce debt, manage a budget, or even provide financial advice as an additional service.

Therefore, we will take a look at the best personal finance software and show you the essential features of each software so that you can better understand who is the best for you.

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Quicken is an old tool for managing personal accounts. Although its reputation is based on the desktop version, it can now be run as an app on your mobile device.

Quicken offers a variety of financial reporting tools. They are defined in various fields, namely budgeting, bills, accounts and even investing. Budgeting gives you the ability to include purchases and income so you can compare the two to get a better picture of how much you spend and how much you make.

In terms of bills, you can also see which utilities and the like you pay regularly, and the amount you have to pay and how much money you have left. For accounting reasons, you can even collect your bank and credit card bills in one place so that you actually have a clear picture of how much you are paying. This comes in handy because it’s easy for people to underestimate how much a regular small purchase can add up to cost.

For investments, it also offers the ability to track it, whether it’s as part of your savings, your investment portfolio, or your 401,000 retirement plan. This means that you have a clear picture of how much your savings and investments will cost, although you don’t have to panic about short-term fluctuations in the stock market.

In general, Quicken combines your budget, banking and investment reports into a single dashboard that you can view from your desktop or even from your phone via a mobile app.

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