Bitcoin is losing popularity – is it still worth buying?

Bitcoin faces increasing competition from Ethereum as the price of the cryptocurrency rises faster than its more established competitors.

Major investors traded $250 million (£183 million) in Grayscale Ethereum Trust, the largest cryptocurrency fund, last month, before joining the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, the world’s largest bitcoin fund, for the first time, according to CryptoCompare, a data provider.

Ethereum is up 368. This year is about five times higher than 69 pieces. For Bitcoin, up to $34,000 per token, compared to $50,000 per bitcoin.

Ethereum’s growing popularity means it now makes up 26% of all cryptocurrency funds. Bitcoin is still above at 68, but its lead is shrinking as assets in Bitcoin invested funds have fallen by 8.

However, some professional investors argue that Bitcoin, the oldest and largest cryptocurrency by market value, deserves a place in a diversified portfolio.

Skeptics believe that Bitcoin has no inherent value because few people use it to buy anything, Bitcoin has not been proven to be a “safe haven” and is threatened by legal restrictions that would render it useless.

So do you need to buy and is it safe to do so?

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Life After Selling Your Business

While much has been written about how to plan a financial planning company and then successfully sell it, there is far less guidance and focus on what happens to shareholders after the sale and what issues need to be addressed and planned. This article attempts to correct that imbalance by offering all business owners reading this some food for thought so that they can enjoy life after selling their business.

Stay or go…

While you may not need to stay in business beyond the customer handover deadline (which can only be said to be six months), other transactions may involve an obligation to stay for the entire deferred period. It is important to be aware of your remaining obligations in life after the sale of your business, the degree of flexibility you have, and the potential impact on your ability to engage in other activities so as not to violate the terms and conditions set out in the sales contract. , as long as payments are deferred.

An important point to keep in mind is that you want to stay engaged, keep up to date with the latest developments, and monitor deferred compensation payments during the handover period. A sales contract is a document that confirms the relevant agreement.

Do what you preach

Financial planning is what you’ve been doing for years as an entrepreneur, but after selling your business, are you really planning your whole life? Did you do some form of cash flow modeling to get started, and do you and your spouse/partner, if any, agree on how much risk you should take, let alone want to take?

If you wanted to invest in another company, do you have a plan on how you would do it, what proportion to your total assets, over what timeframe, and what risks you are willing to take?

What will you do with your time?

It’s easy to believe that there’s a lot you can and want to do after completing a sale, but some planning is desirable for two main reasons.

The first is that if you look at it in detail, you may find that it is impractical. For example, if you want to invest in financial services in the same area (i.e. financial planning or becoming a non-executive director), then the sales contract is likely to have a limited contract, so make sure you don’t violate it.

The second is your family. Do they share your vision of how your post-sales time will be spent and are your plans workable?

Both of these are important after-life considerations for your business. And when in doubt, try the following example to add some color to the points made in the previous paragraph:

The supplier, without seeking confirmation from the buyer or speaking to his attorney, begins investing in the new finance company before the grace period expires, and the company hires an advisor to the company that was just sold. Not surprisingly, the acquirer was dissatisfied and a lawyer was immediately brought in.
Another director of a financial planning firm, who had been out with his wife for several years, got bored and decided to start a new company which he thought was a slightly different part of the financial services market. Buyers are suspicious and want to reassure them that they will not try to accept customers or compete directly, thereby violating the terms of the sales contract. A long (and expensive) correspondence followed.
A seller plans to buy a boat and then sail it around England for the first two years after the purchase period. Her husband was not involved in the project and objected for various reasons. This created a difficult environment during the sales process because he had other interests he didn’t want to change.
“Clear, honest and not misleading”

We are all familiar with this principle from various FCA regulations and it applies to both what the seller wants to do after the sale and what the buyer demands under the purchase agreement.

It is therefore not only desirable but also useful for both the seller and the buyer to know what the seller is doing both after the sale and after the grace period has ended. It’s also important to be clear about what the buyer is expecting/asking for.

Clear planning and communication are important not only between sellers and buyers, but also between sellers and their partners, partners and families. Communication is a consequence of planning, ie. What now needs to be done is to make sure, as much as possible, that there are no surprises and all parties leave the business happy and satisfied and that you can enjoy your life after the sale of your business.

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UK car insurance spike expected as drivers get back on the road after lockdown

Households face two increases in auto insurance costs over the next six months as more motorists return to the road.

“I see premium increases in the next few months if we get out of this embargo. Therefore, there is potential for consumers to increase mileage and this is a huge risk factor,” said Ryan Fulthorpe of price comparison site GoCompare.

“Of course, the longer you sit in the car, the more likely you are to have an accident. And if you’re not in the car, you’re not causing an accident. “

According to comparison site, auto insurance prices have fallen by an average of £74 this year compared to last year due to the decline in auto insurance. “The more cars back on the road, the more insurance costs can go up,” said Dan Hutson of Comparethemarket.

New regulations for the insured in the new year will likely be responsible for the second price increase.

Starting January, the Financial Conduct Authority will prohibit existing customers from charging higher premiums when renewing their insurance than they would charge for a new contract – known as the “loyalty penalty”.

The end of this practice is likely to increase policy prices everywhere, according to industry commentators, because insurance companies can’t charge that much when hosts renew their policies.

Are you addicted to shopping?

This is how you gain control over your impulse purchases
A study by logistics company Whistl found that 94% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase because of free shipping, “a free upgrade can be a strong motivator to encourage impulse buying”.

From social media influencers promoting the latest fashions and digital accessories to the convenience that makes it possible to shop online using mobile phones, impulse buying is evolving. That said, quite troubling from an ethical point of view, it is even advertised online as a retail strategy for ecommerce businesses.

A recent study by logistics company Whistl found that 94% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase because of free shipping, “a free upgrade can be a strong motivator to encourage impulse buying”.

He wrote the results: “For some retailers this is not possible, but for most it can be built into the price of the product.”

Another tactic to get customers to take advantage of the free fast shipping on offer would be to encourage people under the age of 24 to be the most impatient, with 16% saying they would like to wait a week, compared to 38% over 65.

“Social media platforms have a strong ability to stimulate impulse buying,” Whistle said. “Word of mouth and referrals, and in addition to your own website, they give you the most control by encouraging existing prospects and customers to buy from you now.

“With the recent introduction of Instagram Shops and Facebook Product Tagging, it’s now easier for your followers to buy your products without leaving the social media platform.”

Online shopping has increased over the past year for obvious reasons. Recent data from the Office for National Statistics shows that the share of online retail sales is still significantly higher than it was before the pandemic, although in May all retail sectors except grocery stores reported a decline in their share of online retail sales as consumers returned to physical deals. Its total online sales share was 28.5% in May, and just under 29.8% in April 2021.

Why do we buy impulses?

Dennis Relojo-Howell, Founder of Psychreg, explains, “Research shows that impulse buying is the result of a void in a person’s life or a need for approval or excitement, or, in the simplest terms, a marked lack of impulse control. Whatever the reason, when we shop we feel happy. “

I’m an avid online shopper myself – my dad used to mention that I was looking for the next “shopping opportunity” – which sounded uncomfortable to me. I’m addicted to browsing the TK Maxx website for bargains and telling myself this classic “but I saved money on it.”

Hmmm. Given the endless boredom of locks that is sure to give us more time to shop and more reasons to crave that dopamine, maybe it’s time to take a step back. Coupon code site Savoo, which donates to a charity of your choice when you shop through their website, asked experts to share five tips on how to limit shopping addiction and reduce the number of impulse purchases we make.

“Shopping addiction is more difficult to overcome than other addictions, such as alcohol, because people always have to buy things like groceries to survive,” says psychotherapist Johanna Sartori. One coping mechanism he recommends is to “make a list of acceptable purchases – these could be items such as groceries, a certain amount of clothing, or household items per month or year – or an acceptable amount of money to spend per month.” .

“There will also be a list of things that will qualify as relapse behavior, taking a credit card, or getting a credit agreement. Below that will be a list of the three things we can consider in gateway behavior.”

Talk to friends and family

As with people recovering from addiction, it’s easier if you don’t have to do it yourself. If you trust close friends and family, they can help you recover. Having an open and honest conversation with them means they can support you in the best way possible.

Sometimes a slightly harsh love helps you heal, while other people need a good ear when the process gets a little more complicated. Ms. Sartori explains: “Addiction thrives in secret, and as long as we can keep our bags or drop them off while everyone else is out and about, no one needs to know.

Try to be careful

dr. Alexander Lapa, Psychiatrist at Ocean Recovery, explains the benefits of mindfulness in trying to reduce your spending habits: “With mindfulness techniques, you focus on the present and ground yourself. Our minds often stray from our bodies and we get caught up in these obsessive thoughts. Practicing mindfulness helps us return to earth and reconnect with our bodies. “

Find a local support group

There are self-help groups for people who are addicted to shopping.

“Anonymous Users and Anonymous Debtors run a 12-step program similar to Anonymous Alcoholics,” said Ms. Sartori.

Anonymous Anonymous says that anyone joining a group must “show a desire not to waste their time, money, energy and themselves for no reason”.

Relojo-Howell added: “There are self-help groups on Facebook where you can understand how others are dealing with the need for convenience when shopping.”

Delete shopping app

“Opportunity is an important factor,” Ms. Sartori warned. As for shopping addiction: “We can shop from bed, on the bus, and anywhere. Our phones give us access to a world of opportunity and it makes it easy for behavior to improve.

Get rid of activated apps and replace them with ads that help curb shopping addiction.

Top Gaming Tips: How To Succeed As A Punter

Because of the variety of situations, the online casino has grown in popularity among gamblers. It’s understandable, given that these advancements have resulted in a massive increase in the use of cell phones and other advanced devices, causing people to become reliant on them for everything, including entertainment. 

Online casinos do not just provide players with convenience and comfort; nevertheless, because the games are similar to those found at a physical casino, apps and websites have become the logical place to get your gambling needs.

Do you want to have the best online casino experience possible? You’ll find nothing but the best casino games and recreation at Casino777, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Playing in a club may be a lot of fun, as well as stimulating and valuable. Knowing just a few fundamentals about the rules and probabilities of various games can enable you to play well and almost certainly win. 

Here are a few pointers on how to win at online gambling clubs: 

Attempt a Variety of Games 

One of the reasons why casino gambling is so enticing is the vast selection of games available. While most gamers have the best sports, they also value the notion that they have a variety of alternatives if and when they want to switch things up. 

After playing for a long time, you will undoubtedly develop a few favorite games, which you will likely spend most of your time playing. Nonetheless, as a novice, you should try various games to give you a true sense of what’s on offer, and it will also help you figure out which games you love the most.

Consistently Work On Appropriation 

Once you have decided on a budget, adhere to it no matter what happens. It can be set daily, weekly, or even monthly, depending on your preferences. You may lose your bet because you’re gambling your money on a particular event that may or may not occur. As a result, whatever amount you set aside should not have an impact on your financial situation or your life if you lose money.

Prior To Playing The Games, Familiarise Yourself With The Concepts 

It’s pointless to bet on roulette if you do not know how the game works. It would be far more ridiculous to try this at a craps table. How would you know whether you have a reasonable probability of succeeding or not? 

Any reputable betting site will include sections that explain the rules and gameplay for the most popular club games. 

They’ll usually include some guidance on which bets offer the best and most notably bad quantitative advantage for the club.

Wagering in a Responsible Manner 

Always follow your defensive strategy to make sure that you have a good time when gaming. Accept that you will lose money at some point throughout your betting career and carry on. 

Additionally, never wager while under the influence of liquor or other illicit substances; your judgment will be clouded, and making a decent wager will be difficult. 

The enjoyment and thrill that casino games provide should be the primary motivation for playing them. Ensure you stop if you feel like you’re doing this for bad purposes, such as wasting money you do not have and becoming angry when you lose money. 

Create your unique set of gaming laws and restrictions, and ensure you follow them.

Make Bets For The Dealers

Rather than compensating the dealer with a chip, place a bet for them when gaming at a table. 

When you place a stake for the dealer, they will do everything they can to help you win. They won’t compromise to help you achieve, but they can assist you in other ways. 

Dealers appreciate this kind of signal as they too like participating in the action.

The Best Option Is To Play At An Online Casino 

If you’re thinking about getting into gambling, my money’s on the available online platforms. It takes minimal effort to log in or register with a gaming site. The majority of websites are easy to navigate, and customer support is provided anytime you need assistance. 

When it comes to deciding where to put your money on the internet, do your homework. From the provisional license to ratings, everything you require to learn is available online. 

Bottom Line 

Allowing your ego to make decisions for you is never a good idea. You’re back to making an avoidable mistake when you let the feeling of being unrelenting settle on your mind. 

When it comes to your gameplay and bankroll management, it’s possible to make intelligent and sensible selections when you’re gambling.

England’s electric vehicle charging network supported by £300m subsidizing

Ofgem to assemble framework for 3,550 new super quick charging focuses on motorways and in towns

England’s energy controller is contributing £300m to help triple the quantity of super fast charging focuses for electric vehicles the nation over, as a feature of endeavors to speed up the UK’s shift to clean energy.

Ofgem will utilize the money to assemble framework supporting 3,550 newcharging focuses, including 1,800 super quick charging locales at motorway administration stations. There are as of now only 918 super quick charging stations the nation over.

The venture will likewise plan to help another 1,750 standard chargers in towns and urban areas.

The UK intends to boycott the offer of new petroleum and diesel vehicles from 2030, and eliminate half and half vehicles from 2035. Nonetheless, a report delivered by the Commons public records council (PAC) a week ago appeared there are critical difficulties in arriving at the public authority’s objective to change all vehicles to net zero emanations models inside the decade, incompletely because of helpless foundation.

“The installment will uphold the fast take-up of electric vehicles which will be fundamental if Britain is to hit its environmental change focuses on,” the Ofgem CEO, Jonathan Brearley, said. “Drivers should be sure that they can charge their vehicle immediately when they need to.”

The CBI, the business hall bunch, said on Monday the UK could open almost £700bn in business development openings by 2030 by decarbonising the worldwide economy and developing exchange as it rises out of the Covid pandemic.

Ofgem said the venture would be conveyed over the course of the following two years, and advantage metropolitan zones including Glasgow, Kirkwall, Warrington, Llandudno, York and Truro. The financing will likewise cover country zones, with some charging focuses focused on workers at train stations in north and mid-Wales.

While the task will expect to get going by 2023, Ofgem has not yet set a cutoff time for fruition. The establishment and running of charging destinations, which will run on the new links, is relied upon to be set up for delicate.

A segment of the speculation will help increment sustainable power in those spaces, just as shift more homes and organizations to electric warming. The undertaking will likewise plan to energize the Windermere ship in Cumbria

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How to get 100% funding for property developers

Securing funds for ongoing and upcoming projects is never an easy task for builders and developers. Be it small-time developers or high-end builders, getting funding from investors or lenders is never an easy task. It is challenging for small builders and developers due to various market factors such as the monopoly of big developers, the rising cost of property prices and strict lending criteria. To add to that, the process of securing funding is long and tiresome, often filled with endless meetings with potential investors, bankers and lenders. However, there are various platforms and online tools which can help developers and builders get funds seamlessly. Whether you are a new developer or an experienced builder, here are some ways to secure 100 per cent funding for any upcoming property development projects. 

Joint Venture Finance

Joint venture finance has always been popular among property developers and builders. In simple words, a joint venture is when two or more groups of developers and builders put their resources together to fund a new project up till completion. If developers are interested in raising finance for property development, joint venture financing is a great option. This form of financing can be used for upcoming projects, ongoing projects, residential and commercial properties, and extensions. One of the best features of joint venture financing is that developers and builders can get 100 per cent financing from just one source, making repayment and profit-sharing much easier.

Lending websites

Multiple lending and funding websites have come up in the UK solely dedicated to providing funds to property developers. Sqft.Capital is one such website that has been created to secure funding for UK property developers efficiently and seamlessly. Sqft.Capital allows developers to use a free modelling tool that converts data into presentable information for lenders. This company prides itself on providing funding that has the lowest equity requirement with the highest profitability. Developers can choose from various types of funding such as 100 per cent development finance, Mezzanine debt, bridge facilities, preferred equity, side by side equity and even short term equity. Also, Sqft.Capital can secure funding with zero equity requirements, which means 100 per cent loan to cost funding! 


Crowdfunding has recently become popular among the development community, as more and more real estate crowdfunding platforms and websites have popped up in the market. Some websites focus on finding multinational companies and night net worth individuals to invest in upcoming development projects, while other websites help developers find angel investors. Some platforms help developers fund their projects using equity fundraisers as well as peer to peer lending options. However, developers and builders need to remember that securing 100 per cent of funding from crowdfunding platforms and websites depends on the builder’s reputation and the company’s brand name. For a reputable and experienced developer, securing 100 per cent funding from crowdfunding platforms should be simple. 

Debt-based financing

For debt financing, a builder or developer will borrow money from a lender or an investor, which is to be repaid later along with regular interest payments. The lender does not have any equity or stake in the project or business, so this is an excellent option for builders and developers who do not want to give up equity stakes or ownership of their business. Whether or not a developer can secure 100 per cent funding from debt financing is based on the project’s features. Usually, lenders look at factors such as the project’s size, projected sales figures, timelines, feasibility, and, of course, the developer or builder’s brand name and reputation.  

The best ways to learn how to forex trade

Forex is a portmanteau of foreign currency and exchange. If you’re forex trading, you’re simply swapping one form of currency for another and hoping to profit from the difference. If you’re hoping to join the thousands of people across the world earning a living from forex trading, you need to learn where to look for guidance. Below, we’ve detailed for different roads you can go down to become an informed (and hopefully successful) forex trader.


There’s an entire interconnected community of YouTubers advising their subscribers on how to succeed at forex trading. Their videos are great place to start when you’re grappling with complicated jargon you’ve never encountered before. Some YouTubers are purely focused on educating their viewers – breaking down tricky concepts into their simplest terms. For a pursuit so dominated by studying graphs and pre-empting trends, it makes sense to head to a visual medium where you can get everything explained to you in a straightforward manner. 

Alphachain Academy agree: 

“Forex trading can be bewilderingly obtuse at times and having someone explain their thought process alongside charts, graphs and data can really help you to grasp the fundamentals of trading.”

Forums – Reddit and Discord

For most people, forums are like the forgotten relics of the internet. A curiosity that piqued your interest when you were younger and first started getting interested in computers but you’ve since moved on to newer, shinier and more engaging ways to communicate. Reddit, however, remains one of the most popular websites on the internet. And with a sub-forum for every topic imaginable, you can quickly get in touch with like-minded individuals who’ll answer any questions you might have. It’ll allow you to keep up to date with emerging trends and trade ideas with people who are interested in the same things you are. Changes in foreign currencies are driven by political events so you’ll have to get used to consuming a steady diet of media headlines.

The same applies to Discord. You might have to do a bit of digging to find an invite to a forex trading group but you’ll usually be able to find one on social media. Some forex trading discord groups are broken down into helpful sub-categories. There might be a page for beginners and one for more experienced traders. Discussing trading methods with others can give you the confidence you need to make successful trades.


Books are dated as soon as they’re published. They might become slightly antiquated and out-of- touch if you’re opening them years after they’re released but they nevertheless contain useful kernels of truth. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide to everything you could need to know about forex trading from a true expert that is peer-reviewed, finding a book on it is the way to go.

YouTube, internet forums and books are just three of many ways you can get to grips with the fundamentals of forex trading. Any time spent learning about the topic is an investment in your future. It’ll give you a foothold in the world of forex trading and give you a head start on your journey to becoming a profitable trader. Without this foundational understanding, you run the risk of jeopardising your savings and losing out.

Best personal finance software of 2021

Free and paid personal finance budgeting software

The best personal finance software facilitates and manages financial planning.


Personal financial management should not involve slips and spreadsheets. You can simplify the whole process by using easy-to-use software. Software records are usually easy to store and back up to your hard drive or cloud storage service, making it hard to lose progress.

Basic financial planning software provides only a simple portal for managing your finances. However, some of the more advanced ones can help reduce debt, manage a budget, or even provide financial advice as an additional service.

Therefore, we will take a look at the best personal finance software and show you the essential features of each software so that you can better understand who is the best for you.

If you want to make your bookkeeping a little more detailed, check out our guide to the best accounting and tax software.

Quicken is an old tool for managing personal accounts. Although its reputation is based on the desktop version, it can now be run as an app on your mobile device.

Quicken offers a variety of financial reporting tools. They are defined in various fields, namely budgeting, bills, accounts and even investing. Budgeting gives you the ability to include purchases and income so you can compare the two to get a better picture of how much you spend and how much you make.

In terms of bills, you can also see which utilities and the like you pay regularly, and the amount you have to pay and how much money you have left. For accounting reasons, you can even collect your bank and credit card bills in one place so that you actually have a clear picture of how much you are paying. This comes in handy because it’s easy for people to underestimate how much a regular small purchase can add up to cost.

For investments, it also offers the ability to track it, whether it’s as part of your savings, your investment portfolio, or your 401,000 retirement plan. This means that you have a clear picture of how much your savings and investments will cost, although you don’t have to panic about short-term fluctuations in the stock market.

In general, Quicken combines your budget, banking and investment reports into a single dashboard that you can view from your desktop or even from your phone via a mobile app.

Shop Smarter When You Shop Online

Ecommerce and online shopping have become inevitable in today’s world. Especially with the global pandemic situation, online shopping is a lot more convenient, safer and smarter. Here are a few tips that will help you be thrifty and save some money while shopping online:

  1. Sign in and use the ‘cart’

Whenever you create an account on an e-commerce platform, you have the option of adding items to your ‘cart.’ But when you do so, do not rush into purchasing the item immediately after adding it to your cart. Instead, wait for some time. There are chances that the price of your product might change and fall. If the item is in your cart, you will get notified about the price change. 

  1. Hunt for promo codes

A lot of websites conduct affiliate promo programs for their products. Before purchasing any product from a particular website, try to look for promo codes for that website. There are also many coupon code-related websites like,, which will showcase the latest deals on any eCommerce platform. Make sure you check these before confirming your product purchase. 

  1. Search ‘As Is’ for returned items

Warehouse deals on (and many other websites) give users the option of purchasing previously returned items at a deep discount, sometimes even 50%-60%. You can check why the item has been discounted – like a missing button, a loose stitch, or sometimes just an opened box. If you think you can fix these, then it will give you a fantastic bargain price.

  1. Use a personal line of credit for big purchases 

When you wish to purchase home appliances like TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., the cost is steep. You can choose to opt for a personal line of credit in place or personal loans with a quick credit approval system instead of using up your savings for these expenses. 

  1. Sign up for loyalty clubs and redeem for discounts 

Apart from tracking your history, your customer account on any e-commerce store can also help you get discounts through a loyalty program. If you use the same account to make purchases each time, you will accumulate those loyalty points in a single account and use them in the future for bigger discounts.

  1. Outsmart the dynamic pricing model

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy used by eCommerce retailers to offer custom pricing to customers depending on their ability and willingness to spend. You may have seen that an airfare price that you check on one day rises significantly when you check it the very next day. Because the e-commerce supplier’s website tracks your site searches and as and when you show higher interest, the rates also become higher.

Here are some ways you can outsmart this model:

  • Clear your browsing history
  • Clear all your cookies
  • Log out of all the social media accounts that you are using on that device 
  • Use incognito mode while browsing to ensure that the eCommerce website is not tracking you
  1. The off-season is a smart decision

Whenever a particular product is in the off-season, you should buy that product if you feel you will need it when the season arrives. This is because it is usually sold at discounted prices during that period. For example, you are purchasing an umbrella during the winter season. 

  1. Skip shipping costs like a pro

You can avoid shipping costs on your product by:

  • Looking at the retailer’s shipping policy and searching for an option of the minimum purchase value for free shipping
  • You choose to pick-up at the store before checking out from the online store if that eliminates your shipping cost.
  1. Compare prices of different retailers

Sometimes, certain eCommerce retailers have lower prices for the same product as compared to others. Be sure to check and compare them all and get the best deal for your product.

  1. 10.Use the different account for 1st order advantage 

A lot of websites and eCommerce retailers often have introductory discounts for their new customers. You can create a new account to make the best use of this benefit. 

Author Bio:


Lily Tran is a content writer, working for MoneyTap Vietnam. She is an expert in the field of Finance. Her passion for credit, debt, loan & investment drives her to help readers get an insight about everyday finance.